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Simple tutorials to learn about NFC

Find the right guide or tutorial to help you build passes like a ninja


What Is Vas

If you're a developer working with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, you may be familiar with the Value Added Services (VAS) protocol. In this article, we'll provide an overview of VAS, in...

How To Make A Pass Scan As Static Uid

Developers frequently need to integrate new technologies into existing systems to offer more compatibility and convenience. Legacy NFC readers were originally built to read static ids off of NFC ca...

What Are Apdus

If you're working with NFC, you likely have heard the term APDU. APDUs are used by NFC tags of all types, including the wallet passes with NFC on your Android device or Apple device.

How To Create Apple Wallet Nfc Encryption Keys

This guide is designed to help developers quickly generate an encryption keys for NFC enabled Apple Wallet passes. We'll review the original docs from the Apple Developer Portal, parse through them...

How To Create Apple Pass Type Ids

This guide is designed to help developers quickly generate pass types on Apple's Developer portal. A pass type consititutes a unique identifier and a signing certificate. Whether you're a seasoned ...

How Does Pass Updating Work On Apple Wallet

This tutorial is designed to help developers quickly understand how to make passes in Apple wallet updatable. This means we will be able to edit the information on a pass that is already installed ...

What Happens When An Apple Pass Type Id Is Deleted

In this article, we'll go over what happens when you create a pass type ID, issue passes using that pass type ID and then delete that pass type ID in the Apple developer portal.

How To Configure A Dot Origin Vtap100 Nfc Reader

This guide will cover the process of setting up a VAS reader to detect and verify Apple and Google passes over NFC. VAS readers are made by only a few manufacturers and mostly sold through third pa...