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Simple pricing you can understand

Number of pass templates + Number of active passes = Your price
1. Pass templates

How many different pass designs do you need?

A "pass template" is a template for all of your installed passes, designed by you We charge $21 per pass template per month
2. Active passes

How many NFC passes do you plan to install?

An "active pass" is any pass that has been installed and has not yet expired in a given month We charge $0.11 per active pass per month

Every verified account receives $10 in free credits to start.
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  • I don’t have an NFC certificate, can I still make passes with your service?

    Yes! As an Apple and Google platform partner, we allow our customers to sign and issue NFC passes using our certificate. Once you get your own NFC certificate(s) you can swap in your Apple passTypeId and/or Google collectorId to your account so you can continue using our service as needed.

  • Will your service only work with your readers? Or will other VAS or SmartTap compatible readers work?

    Our pass service will work with any Apple VAS or Google Smarttap compatible readers. Configuring these readers is a pain so we simplify this process when you purchase them through us. What’s more, if you go with our VAS NFC readers you’ll be able to manage and update them remotely over WiFi and not require a host PC.

  • I have my own NFC readers and can’t read your NFC passes. Why? Every time I read your passes I get a different ID.

    The Apple and Google NFC passes do not behave like simple NFC cards with fixed UUID. They have payment grade security which means that every time you scan them you get a different code. The reality is that there is unique information encrypted in the codes however you need a VAS compatible scanner and the proper keys to decode them.
    More details here.

  • Does your solution work offline?

    Yes. Our software for creating, updating, and validating passes is completely portable so you can access it from our AWS servers or host it inside your enterprise. You will need to set up some public endpoints to receive Wallet webhook calls so most customers choose to use our software for creating and updating passes and only run pass validation offline.

  • How much does it cost for me to send a pass via text message or e-mail?

    If you include a phone number via the phone-number attribute or an email via the email attribute, we will attempt to send a message with the pass to the provided contact and charge you $0.10.

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This works smooth & amazing, yes this is exactly what we‘re looking for! I‘ll play a bit with this, really like your work.”

Sebastian Hirth
Founder / Blackmite