Socket Mobile - SocketScan S550 Bluetooth NFC Reader


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The S550 is one of the only bluetooth enabled readers on the market. The socket mobile team has invested heavily into SDKs, maintained by them and they have excellent documentation and a companion app for configuration. It works in many environments, including retail loyalty, cashless payment, gym check-in, and sports ticketing.

When you order this reader and have existing pass templates created in your account, we will pre-configure it with the credentials that allow the reader to work out of the box with your passes.

This reader has several modes for sending pass data over Bluetooth Low Energy. This can be via a keyboard emulation which makes it possible to add the S550 as a bluetooth keyboard and have readers come over wirelessly. The S550 is also one of the only battery powered readers on the market, which makes it ultra portable and sleek.

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“Having looked at the space pretty extensively, I recommend PassNinja to every company looking for novel growth and retention tooling. It's easy to use and the support is amazing!”

Kumar Thangudu
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